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  • Polishing Whats involved

    Polishing (Bath Buffing)

    If you have a cast iron bath, a specialist procedure called re-polishing can be done on site to restore the enamel to its original colour and bring back its shine. Re-polishing is normally considered if the enamel is still intact but is rough, stained or has lime scale. Damage to cast iron baths is often caused by using abrasive cleaning products which can remove the enamel's shine and cause the enamel to become streaked, rough and porous. The enamel will eventually attract dirt, look grey and become very difficult to keep clean. Having leaky taps or a leaky shower head will cause water to sit on the enamel which will create a lime scale deposit and eventually corrode the surface. These unsightly marks can be removed and correct care instructions will be provided. We can also restore small chips as well as polish plastic baths back to their former glory. Say goodbye to unsightly baths and sore bottoms! Call Bill on 07990 586 509 or email bill@billythebathbuffer.com some photos and your location ( dont worry I cover the whole country)to book an appointment

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  • Resurfacing Whats Involved

    The 12 Steps of Re-surfacing a Bath


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    Step One

    If required we remove all the old external paint and grind off any casting imperfections and fill any cast holes or scars.

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    Step Two

    We then paint the exterior with an oxide primer, ready for a top coat of your choice.

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    Step Three

    We then sand the interior of the bath and thoroughly clean it before the next stage which ensures we have a good key to the surface which enables a strong adhesion of the primer coat.

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    Step Four

    For good measure we then acid etch the bath which removes any remaining glaze and we then thoroughly rinse the bath out.

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    Step Five

    We then fill any imperfections before sanding down ready for the 1st primer coat.

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    Step Six

    In extreme cases we paint the whole bath with a specialist liquid filler and then sand it again ensuring a totally smooth surface.

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    Step Seven


    We then give it a light coat of Epoxy primer which enables us to spot even the smallest imperfections which are then filled and sanded down.

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    Step Eight


    We then paint on a high build Epoxy primer which we allow to cure for between 24-48 hours creating a solid bond with the bath.

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    Step Nine


    We then sand this down in preparation for the polyurethane mid coat which is allowed to cure for another 24 hours.

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    Step Ten

    We then sand this down in preparation for three coats of polyurethane high gloss top coat. Each coat is allowed to cure for 24 hours.

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    Step Eleven

    Your bath is then inspected before being allowed to totally cure for 7 days allowing for the fumes to dissipate completely.

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    Step Twelve

    Your bath is then polished before been wrapped and loaded ready for its return!

  • Copper and Brass Baths

    Even the most distressed baths can be brought back to life!

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    Copper Bath Full Restoration

    This hadsome bath took several days as both the inside and outside required restoration. Copper kills bacteria without the help from cleaning products. Easier, more eco friendly cleaning is definately a bonus.

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    Brass Bath Full Restoration

    This beauty took two days to do in situ but the hard work paid off. Brass is an excellent conductor of heat, it will help keep the water nice and warm for the entire duration of your bath.

  • Baths for Sale

    We have a wide selection of baths of different shapes and sizes and we can also source baths for you for your specific requirements. We sell re-surfaced baths using our unique process which enables us to offer a 10 year warranty. Here are a few examples but we normally have 60-100 baths in stock ready for restoration.

    Please note some of these baths have not yet been restored. Lead time from order is 2-4 weeks however we sometimes have baths ready to go.

    Here is an example of just a few different options.

    The Kelso

    The Kelso

    This beautiful early Edwardian monster has been restored to the highest standards using Vitreous Enamel and comes with life time warranty.
    It is been sold on behalf of a client who could not accommodate it so is ready to go.
    It also comes with a bespoke plunger that is finished in chrome and can be fitted directly to modern pipe work.
    A handsome addition to any home.
    Approx dimensions are L186cm x W 78 and 64cm High
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    The Roche

    The Roche

    This bath is ideal for a small bathroom or even the smaller person as it is shorter than most baths and a little bit wider at 153cm x 77cm.
    It has no tap holes so would look great with free standing taps or wall-mounted ones.
    It has traditional lions claw feet.
    The Gillingham

    The Gillingham

    This is a classic globe tap cast iron bath probably late Victorian was salvaged from a farm house in Dorset.
    The tap holes can be filled if you wanted free standing or wall mounted taps.
    Its a good size that could fit most bathrooms 172cm x 68cm
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    The Somerset

    The Somerset

    This is a fantastic bath dating from 1910.
    It is particularly long at 193 cm nearly 2m. It has very delicate art nouveau feet.
    The perfect bath for the taller person.
    The Westminster

    The Westminster

    This is a classic roll top bath which can either have globe taps or the tap holes can be blanked off for free standing or wall mounted taps.
    Its 185cm x 76cm, perfect for the taller people in our lives.
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    The Beaufort

    The Beaufort

    This classic Victorian bath, rescued from The Beaufort Estate, is the perfect bath as it is not only long (180cm, nearly 6ft) but a good depth.
    It currently has tap holes at the end internally but these can be filled making it suitable for free standing or wall-mounted taps.
    It's probably about 100 years old but we don't know its exact age.
    We have a few more baths from the Estate of varying sizes.
    The FontHill

    The FontHill

    This classic Edwardian bath (pre restoration) would be perfect fo any bathroom.
    Unlike most of my baths its slightly shorter so a good space saver as well.
    It mesures 166cm x 72cm
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    The Embankment

    The Embankment

    This wonderful bath is named after its unique feet which are the same design as those designed by George Vulliamy for his lamps on the London Embankment.
    Measuring almost 6ft at 180cm, this bath is a real statement.
    The tap holes could be filled if you wanted wall or floor mounted taps.
    The Highlander

    The Highlander

    This monster of a bath, saved from a lodge in the Highlands, is a classic example of Victorian bathing enjoyment.
    Measuring an impressive 192cm by 80cm it's perfect for even the tallest person.
    It has built in soap dishes and can come with a plunger.
    The Parisian

    The Parisian

    Another classic French double ended bath rescued from an apartment in Montreuil.
    Perfect for the smaller bathroom it measures 163cm x 69cm
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    The Manor

    The Manor

    This beautiful bath will take pride of place in any bathroom, set on a plinth it is very unique.
    It has soap dishes set in the cast which add to its classic design.
    Its overall length is 185cm and 73cm wide.
    It is a plunger bath and the plunger and mount has been restored and finished in nickel.
    The waste has been adapted to fit modern plumbing connections .
    The Normandy

    The Normandy

    This beautiful double-ended French bath, rescued from a Chateaux in Normandy, was probably made at the turn of the last century.
    Double-ended baths always make a statement in any bathroom.
    It has no tap holes and would look amazing with either wall-mounted or free-standing taps.
    It also has the most beautiful clam shell feet.
    It is 165cm long and 75cm wide.
    The Empress

    The Empress

    This classic and rare plunger bath C.1900 late Victorian or early Edwardian.
    It has a unique roll almost a double where you can comfortably rest your arms whilst taking a long soak.
    Please ignore the ghastly modern taps they are not included!
    However the original plunger will be fully restored and can be finished in either Nickel or chrome.
    It measures a handsome 185cm x 78cm
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    The Burgundy

    The Burgundy

    This stunning original French double ended Bateau Bath C.1870 was rescued from a Manor House just South of Dijon.
    The overflow would have been added at a later date as normally these baths would not have this key ingredient.
    A very handsome example of a classic design measuring 165cm x 75cm and 68cm tall.

    It would look fantastic with free standing taps or wall mounted taps desired.
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    The Kensington

    The Kensington

    This beautiful Edwardian bath (C1901-10) with internal plunger, nickelled pulley and taps and drain cover all fully refurbished, will make a statement in any bathroom.
    Measuring 192cm in length and 72cm wide.
    The drainage system has been adapted to fit modern pipe work so it is ready to go.
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    The Knightsbridge

    The Knightsbridge

    This stunning and rare plunger bath is a classic example of Edwardian design with its internal soap dishes and solid cast iron plunger. Not to mention the original beautiful nickelled taps which have been fully refurbished.
    This is a statement bath if there ever was one.
    Measuring 190cm in Length and 80cm at the shoulder slightly tapering down to 65cm.
    It boasts beautifully crafted claw feet of a slightly unusual design.
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    The Northumberland's

    The Northumberland's

    These two magnificent fired clay baths which where salvaged from a Castle in Northumberland date back to the 1860's.
    They would look amazing together in a large bathroom or as a single show stopper in their own room.
    They are sold as a pair or can be purchased singularly for £8,500.00.
    They come with nickelled tap and waste system which as with the baths will be fully restored.
    They weigh approximately 550kg
    L185cm x 78cm and stand on bulb feet at 70cm

    £8,500.00 each or £15,000.00 for the pair
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  • Testimonials

    "I'm proud of my work and the results I get"

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    Camilla Jenks


    "OMG, I can't believe how amazing my bath looks, I was seriously considering buying a new one."

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    Mrs Pooley


    "It's incredible the bath looks like new but I know its at least 50 years old."

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    Mrs Cameron


    "Wow, the children are going to love bath time again, its so smooth."

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    Daisy Steel


    "The bathroom is now presentable for our many B&B guests."

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    The Marchioness of Lansdowne

    Bowood House

    “I really thought I would have to replace my ancient cast iron bath as the surface was so rough after years of over-zealous scrubbing, but it now has a beautiful smooth and shiny finish and is a joy to lie in again!”

  • Comments from my clients

    Sheila Wood

    We would like to thank Billy the Bath Buffer -

    A bath like new after 20 years ! Thoroughly professional and a great job done. Thank you Billy, we really appreciated all your efforts.

    Carola Mangnall

    I have just had two baths restored to their former glory by Billy the Bath Buffer. Am thrilled with the results and after two hours of gruelling work a smiling and hot Billy emerged! Both baths look as good as new at a fraction of the cost. I couldn’t be more pleased and urge anyone with stained or damaged baths you give Billy a ring immediately!

    Kate Wills

    I really recommend Billy the Bath Buffer- - we had 4 baths Re-polished and they look as good as new

    Carrie Beeson

    Billy The Bath Buffer has restored my 37 year old bath to perfection and like new. Totally thrilled and so charming and efficiently carried out.

    Serena Soames

    Billy the Bath Buffer has buffed our baths to a smooth shine. No more cheese grater effect on the bottom. Your email arrived just as I was pondering who to turn to. Thank you Radio H-P!

    Caroline Mann

    Our bath time was pretty uncomfortable until Billy the Bath Buffer arrived and made two old baths look and feel (most importantly) like new! Barely took a morning and didn't make a mess....Brilliant!!

    Clare Mosley

    Bill Jackson "Billy the BathBuffer" came yesterday and absolutely transformed my lovely but old and stained cast iron bath. He couldn't have been nicer, more efficient, on time and generally did an excellent job. My bath now looks and feels white and silky smooth. I heartily recomend his work.

  • Other Services

    If you are looking for a cast iron bath and don't want to spend thousands of pounds I can source and restore exactly what you are looking for.

    I have a huge selection of baths already available however if none of these tick the box I can find the exact bath you are after and ensure that it can be restored to the highest standard .

    Click here to see whats involved

    Not only can I have it delivered but I can plumb it in for you.

    I'm also a trained competent plumber and as well as fixing your domestic plumbing issues, dripping taps etc all the jobs plumbers hate!

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    Please send me a message or phone me on 07990 586509

    or email me direct bill@billythebathbuffer.com

    Ideally email me some photos of your bath and location for a quotation.

    Bencroft Hill Farm
    Wiltshire SN15 3RQ
    8am-6pm Monday to Friday
    07990 586509
  • Q&A

    Below are the answers to normal questions.

    How much does it cost?

    A typical bath takes up to 2 hours to polish and we charge a flat rate of £295.00.

    How long will it last?

    As long as you adhere to our simple cleaning instructions your bath should last a life time.

    What if our bath has been spray painted?

    We can remove the paint which takes about two hours and we charge £150 to do this. If the bath is not in good enough a condition to polish we will make the bath usable until we can get it properly re-surfaced.

    Do you offer discounts for multiple baths?

    Of course - subject to each baths condition. Normally we deduct £50 for each additional bath.

    Do you cover the whole country?

    Yes we can travel but if you are more than an hour from our base we do ask for a small contribution to our travel costs. We also try and book in other jobs in your area to make this more cost effective.

    What if my bath can't be fixed?

    We normally ask you to email us a photo of your bath before we come out but in the unlikely event that we can't improve your bath we ask for a small contribution for our time and possibly a cup of tea.

    Can I use the bath straight away?

    Yes in most cases your bath can be enjoyed immediately, however if we have to do a large repair to a chip or wear around the waste we ask that you leave it for at least 3 hours.

    Can you do a demonstration?

    Absolutely! We can polish a small test area on the understanding that if you are happy with the results that we will complete the bath there and then.

    Can you resurface the bath in situ?

    Sadly not, our process requires the bath to be taken to our work shop and resurfaced using our unique process which takes over a week to complete. There are a plethora of companies offering this service in situ that takes a few hours but it rarely last more than a few years, if that. If we could do it in four hours we would!

    If you have any other questions please do get in touch.